Example project

Porsche® 964 | Backdate (400+PS - 1200kg)

With widebody and modern performance based on the 964


Impressions and details


Backdating Porsche 964 Coupé
Steiner X Principle R
  • Handmade and completely individualized according to customer requirements
  • C2 Coupé as the basis
  • 6-speed gearbox short from 993
  • Bodywork conversion in metal/sheet metal
  • Engine 3.8l 330PS or turbo engine 3.8L 450+ PS
  • Premium chassis
  • Brake upgrade
  • Special retro rims
  • Independent technical and design solutions for exteriors and interiors
  • Very aesthetic design language
  • Restoration down to the last screw with "manufactory character"
  • Delivery summer 2024