Example project

Porsche® G-Model | Targa 3.2 G50 backdated to f body look

Reconstruction and individualization (inside and outside) as desired


Impressions and details

Customer needs

  • Our customer wants an authentic, classic 911 Targa
  • He really likes the design of the F body model, but would like to see a more modern and sporty driving performance
  • Individual interior design
  • He wants to use it for vacations to Italy and Sunday drives around Berlin
  • Budget approx. 150k EUR incl. base vehicle

Our proposal

  • Carrera 3.2 Targa with modern G50 gearbox
  • Chrome equipment and possibly sheet metal look from the predecessor model
  • The vehicle is painted baltic blue metallic with chrome bars, mirrors and moldings
  • It comes with a particularly high-quality interior in luxor beige and a Nardi wooden steering wheel

Advantages of the Carrera 3.2 series for customers

  • Last series of the G-model, therefore very mature and durable
  • High availability on the market
  • Authentic driving behavior of a classic 911
  • AC system, heated seats, power windows available
  • Inexpensive to maintain
  • Several variations of new construction possible

Disadvantages of the series

  • Not as modern as a 964, therefore only partially suitable for everyday use as a daily driver
  • Analog to 964, there are often rust problems here too
  • Driving behavior of a vintage car - 915 transmission with even more vintage shifting feel.
  • Original targa roof is cumbersome, never really 100% tight and wind noise unavoidable - tip: drive open, buy an emergency soft top, if necessary have a premium synthetic glass roof made


  • For many, a 911 Targa is THE! Porsche, since "Targa" was a special Porsche invention
  • The vehicle looks beautiful and classic
  • A 3.2 Carrera is a very charming but old car without modern safety features
  • In contrast to the 915 transmission, the G 50 transmission model year '87 is modern and sophisticated
  • A targa is something special to know and appreciate its quirks and benefits.
  • Think of it as an open vehicle that you close only occasionally.
  • Alternatively, you can opt for a Carrera 3.2 Cabrio with an electric soft top