Example project

Porsche® 911® | Targa 3.2 (Daily Driver)

Reconstruction and individualization (inside and outside) as desired


Impressions and details

Customer needs

  • Our customer wants his Targa 'daily' to be extensively technically renovated and visually refreshed
  • The car has almost 300T km and is to be technically renewed by us from the ground up
  • It has some rust in the sill area, the targa roof and the interior fittings have seen their best days
  • Budget for restoration & revision 40 - 50 T€

Our proposal

  • Overhaul of the engine and gearbox, suspension
  • Replacement of all rubber seals and replacement of the targa roof
  • Brakes are completely replaced
  • New oil lines and many other details are implemented
  • The driver's seat is refurbished, gets a new leather bolster, a Porsche fabric is processed as desired and the door pockets are repaired
  • Side sills are welded and refurbished
  • Hollow spaces get "Mike Sanders" sealant
  • Fuchs rims are refurbished and fitted with new tires
  • A modern KW suspension is installed - The H license plate is retained


  • The exterior condition with patina is a grade 3 and remains intact, a classic daily that doesn't have any quirks and still drives great and doesn't let you down 🙂
  • The charm of an 'everyday classic' is also retained inside
  • Technically, however, the car is almost as good as new and subtly modernized (with an H license plate) so that it can function as a daily driver