Example project

Porsche® 964 | Roadster "Californication" (Turbolook)

under construction


Impressions and details

Customer needs

  • Our customer wants a newly built, visually outstanding classic 911 convertible with modern attributes.
  • Use as a daily driver should be possible
  • Budget <110T € (Stand 2023)

Our proposal

  • 964 Cabrio Tiptronic, modern with ABS, aerodynamics, power steering and other comfort and safety extras.
  • We want to widen the rust-free and accident-free base to "Werksturbolook" (WTL), the customer wants black uni, bordeaux leather in "bicolor" look and three-piece rims in "Fuchs" design

Advantages of the 964 series for this project

  • Convertible with an affordable modern base
  • Appearance of a classic 911, original bodywork
  • Authentic classic handling in contrast to 993 (more modern rear axle)
  • High-quality workmanship

Possible disadvantages as a basis

  • Coupes, especially RS, C2 very expensive
  • Partly complex, fault-prone technology, especially C4
  • Not cheap to maintain compared to other models
  • Rust problems despite full galvanization (caution when purchasing)


A 964 combines classic and modern and is a real daily driver, if desired