Example project

Porsche® 930 | Turbo 3.3L new body

Complete rebuild of a dream car


Impressions and details

Customer needs

  • Customer wants an old-school 911 (930) Turbo, improved in many technical details
  • Power boosted to 360-400PS, adaptation of turbocharger, LLK and engine overhaul
  • More mobile and yet more economical
  • Desired color and interior
  • Completely rebuilt on rust-free bodywork, technically completely overhauled
  • Budget 165k USD

Our proposal

  • Our suggestion, an '84 3.3 Turbo, which is already technically advanced due to the MJ 84
  • The vehicle is already more economical than its predecessors and has better handling
  • Even better would be the G50 transmission from Mj.89, but financially out of reach as a basis
  • The car gets an engine tuning to approx. 400 hp with better response in the lower/middle speed range 
  • The performance kit includes manifold, exhaust, SC camshafts, better turbo, LLK and small parts
  • In addition, a modern KW coilover suspension is installed, tuned by a suspension engineer
  • The car gets a modern, electric air conditioning system and other goodies
  • The bottom line is that he will lose about 70 kg and ride better/more modern. 

Advantages of the 930 Turbo series for customers

  • THE!!!!! classic 911, copied by many, never equaled
  • Mostly good substance, as not a winter car
  • Better and more economical than the 3.0L Urturbo thanks to further development - ideal for driving
  • Lighter and less comfortable than its successor  

Disadvantages 930 Turbo

  • Very expensive in every respect
  • Not easy to drive, something for experienced pilots with a stable character
  • Built frequently and for a long time